Asaf Nachmias

Associate Professor

Department of Mathematical Sciences
Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv 69978

email: asafnach @ post (dot) tau (dot) ac (dot) (obvious)

Research interests: Probability theory and statistical physics.

Curriculum Vitae



Some online lectures (courtesy of Microsoft Research)


  • Planar maps, random walks and the circle packing theorem, Tel Aviv university, Fall 2017.
  • Probability in 2D, Tel Aviv university, Fall 2016.
  • Graduate seminar in discrete probability, Tel-Aviv university, Fall 2015.
  • Random spanning trees in Tel-Aviv university, Fall 2014.
  • Random walks on random fractals, PIMS summer school in probability, 2014.
  • Math 321, Real Variables II, January 2014.
  • Math 548, Discrete probability, January 2014.
  • Math 220, Mathematical Proof, September 2013.
  • Math 608, Topics in probability: 2D statistical physics, January 2013.
  • Math 302, Introduction to probability, January 2013.


    Figures from research

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