ACTION NOW is a wandering seminar devoted to the study of group actions, their dynamics and geometry. It will be held once every 1-2 months at various universities in Israel. Periodically meetings will be held outside Israel. Cookies will be served.
  • First meeting, October 11-12, 2012

    Free University, Berlin

    Part of the conference Action Now, Berlin: group actions, their dynamics and geometry

    Speakers: Uri Bader, Tobias Finis, Yair Glasner, Mike Hochman, Enrico Leuzinger, Andreas Thom, Barak Weiss, Anna Wienhardt

  • Second meeting, Dec 3, 2012

    Bar Ilan University

    Speakers: Shimon Brooks, Dennis Gulko, Ilya Rips, Alessandro Sisto, Amir Yehudayoff

  • Third meeting, February 2-7, 2013


    Young Geometric Group Theory

  • Fourth meeting, May 7, 2013

    Ben Gurion University

    Meeting in honor of George D. Mostow

    Speakers: Uri Bader, Hillel Furstenberg, Tsachik Gelander, Alex Lubotzky, George Mostow


  • You are cordially invited. For further details please contact Uri Bader.