1. Efrat Bank, Number Theory in Function Fields, Ph.D. 2014
  2. Mark Shusterman, Free subgroups of finitely generated free profinite groups, M.Sc. 2014
  3. Ofir Gorodetsky, polynomial analogue of Landu's theorem and related problems, M.Sc. 2016
  4. Tai-Lin Karidi, On Galois groups of compositions, M.Sc. 2016
  5. Eyal Moses, M.Sc. student, Irreducible Polynomials with Varying Constrains on Coefficients, M.Sc. 2017


  1. Mark Shusterman, Ph.D. student, 2014-present
  2. Ofir Gorodetsky, Ph.D. student (co-advising with Rudnick)
  3. Zion Nahisani, M. Sc. student, 2014-present
  4. Matan Ginzburg, M. Sc. Student, 2015-present
  5. Amotz Oppenheim, M.Sc. student, 2016-present
  6. Lidor Eldabbah, M.Sc. student, 2017-present


  1. Francois Legrand, 2014-2016
  2. Adina Cohen-Heilbron, 2016-2017

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