Benny Chor

School of Computer Science

Tel-Aviv University

בני שור

בית הספר למדעי המחשב

אוניברסיטת תל-אביב

Mount Doom
Mount Doom, aka Ngauruhoe, at background, during a rare clearing
in the rainy month of February 2004, New Zealand.
Vadi Tala'a
In Vadi Tala'a, on the way to Gulat-El-Azrak. Sinai high mountains, October 2005.
With the Jumanji crew and skipper, Luxor, Egypt, April 2006
Above Jutta, Sno valley, Khazbek region. Georgian Caucasus, August 2007
Annapurna Base Camp
Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal, October 2008.
Col Ferret
Col Ferret, on the Italy/Swiss border, Tour du Mont Blanc, August 2009.


Academic Experience

Research Interests

Teaching at Tel-Aviv University

Erdos Number

My Erdos number is 2 (using a reduction from Noga Alon number 1, via this path). 
My Horn Number  is 1, via this path (which implies, among many other
consequences, a Venter Number 2, and even the hard-to-get Ruppin Number 2).

Publications (partial lists)

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Contact Information

Email: benny *AT*
Phone:   +972-3-640-5977
Fax:        +972-3-640-9373
Address: School of Computer Science, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv 69978, Israel

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