Eleanor Archer


I recently moved to Paris; my new webpage is here.
I am currently a postdoc at Tel Aviv University working with Prof. Asaf Nachmias. Previously I completed my PhD at the University of Warwick under the supervision of Dr. David Croydon.


Parabolic Anderson model on critical Galton-Watson trees in a Pareto environment, with Anne Pein, preprint.
Scaling limit of linearly edge-reinforced random walks on critical Galton-Watson trees, with George Andriopoulos, preprint.
The GHP scaling limit of uniform spanning trees in high dimensions, with Asaf Nachmias and Matan Shalev, preprint.
Random walks on decorated Galton-Watson trees, preprint.
Brownian motion on stable looptrees, Annales de l'Institut Henri Poincaré (B), Probabilités et Statistiques, 57(2): 940-979 2021.
Infinite stable looptrees, Electronic Journal of Probability, Volume 25 (2020), paper no. 11, pp. 1-48.