Seminar on Advanced Internet applications and Systems

Prof. Hanoch Levy

School of Computer Science

hanoch at cs dot tau dot ac dot il

Period: Spring semester 2010

Time: Wednesday 10-12

Place: TBD


The Internet has drastically changed from the first days it was used by the public. Such changes, many of them very hard to predict 10 years ago, were driven by either technology or users’ needs and interests. While the “pure” WEB + email is still an important part of the internet, many other applications/technologies came into effect. These include: Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks, Wireless Networks, Delay-Tolerant networks and Social Networks.  Most of these are very popular these days and take a large and increasing share of the internet traffic. They further seem to have strong impact on the future of the internet. The purpose of this seminar is to cover topics taken from this reach domain as to better understand the design and operation of these systems.

Prerequisites: Communications networks 0368-3030-01, or equivalent background is highly preferred/recommended.

Class Schedule under construction here

1. Introdution class (slides)

2. updated list of papers/assignments and SCHEDULE


List of Lecture presentations (To BE UPDATED) in class

>Lecture 1: Bittorrent -- Guy Ilani
>24/3/10 -- Lecture 2: P2P Incentives - Dror Marcus --

>7/4/10 -- Lecture 3: DHT - Yossi Shasho

> -- Lecture 4: VOD - Constantin Radchenko

> -- Lecture 5: P2P vs ISP - Ofir Israel + Guy Paskar

> -- Lecture 6: P2P Streaming - Amit Lichtenberg

> -- Lecture 7: P2P Streaming Analysis - Amit Farkash

> -- Lecture 8a: P4P - Arkadi Butman

>5/5/10 -- Lecture 8b: P2P TV - Itay Dangoor

>12/5/10 -- Lecture 9:Social Networks - Eyal Belisha + Ilana Dreizis

> 26/5/10 -- Lecture 10: Ariel Harovski --

> 2/6/10-- Lecture 11: Dana Mordechai--

> 9/6/10-- Lecture 12: Adi Gliksman--

List of papers for presentation (To BE UPDATED)

List of papers for presentation (To BE UPDATED) in class

The list of papers for presentation by the students is given below per major course topic. One paper will be assigned to each student.

Consider the following resources as help:

·       S. Keshav, How to read a paper, ACM Computer Communications, vol. 37, no. 3, pp. 83-84, July 2007

·       the material at Henning Schulzrinne's pages, especially those referring to talks and reports 

1. Peer to  Peer Networks

1.2. B. Fan, D. Chiu, and J. C. S. Lui, "The Delicate Tradeoffs in
BitTorrent-Like File Sharing Protocal Design," in Proc. of ICNP, 2006.

1.4 David R. Choffnes and Fabián E. Bustamante, Taming the Torrent: A Practical Approach to Reducing Cross-ISP Traffic
in P2P Systems,

 <sigcomm>, SIGCOMM 2008

File Sharing : Hash/Lookup

1.5. Ion Stoica Robert Morris, David Karger, M. Frans Kaashoek, Hari Balakrishnan, Chord: A Scalable Peer to peer Lookup Service for Internet Applications _ MIT Laboratory for Computer Science

1.6. K. Gummadi, R. Gummadi, S. Gribble, S. Ratnasamy, S. Shenker, I. Stoica_, The Impact of DHT Routing Geometry on Resilience and

Proximity, ACM Sigcom2003.

File sharing: ISP-vs-P2P:

1.7. A Modeling Framework to Understand the Tussle between ISPs and Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Users
Michele Garetto (University of Torino, Italy); Daniel Figueiredo (EPFL, Switzerland); Rossano Gaeta (Universita degli Studi di Torino, Italy); Matteo Sereno (University of Torino, Italy)
Perforamnce Evaluation, June 2007

1.8. Cheng Huang, Jin Li, Keith W. Ross, "Can Internet Video-on-Demand Be
Profitable," in Proc. of ACM SIGCOMM, August 2007

1.9. N. Parvez C. Williamson, Anirban Mahanti, Niklas Carlsson

Analysis of BitTorrent-like Protocols for On-Demand Stored Media
Streaming, Sigmetrics 2008



1.10. Jiangchuan Liu_, Sanjay G. Rao, Bo Li, and Hui Zhang , Opportunities and Challenges of Peer-to-Peer Internet Video Broadcast,
1.11.  Yong Liu · Yang Guo · Chao Liang,  A survey on peer-to-peer video streaming systems, Peer-to-Peer Netw Appl (2008) 1:18–28


1.12. Y. P. Zhou, D. M. Chiu, C. S. Lui, "A Simple Model for Analyzing P2P
Streaming Protocols," in Proc. of IEEE ICNP 2007.

1.13.  Haiyong Xie, Y. Richard Yang, Arvind Krishnamurthy, Yanbin Liu and Avi Silberschatz , P4P: Provider Portal for Applications,  SIGCOMM 2008

2. Wireless Mesh Networks

2.1 T-S. Kim, H. Lim, J. Hou, Understanding and improving the spatial reuse in multihop wireless networks, IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, vol. 7, no. 10, pp. 1200-1212, October 2008.

Keywords: spatial reuse, wireless ad hoc networks, 802.11 MAC, power control, carrier sense threshold, protocol parameter tuning

2.2 C. Bettstetter, On the Connectivity of ad hoc networks, Computer Journal, vol. 47, no.4, pp. 432-447, 2004

Keywords: connectivity, random mobility models, node degree, k-connectivity, hop count

2.3 S. Radocavac, A. Cardenas, J. Baras, and G. Moustakides, Detecting IEEE 802.11 MAC layer misbehavior in ad hoc networks: Robust strategies against individual and colluding attackers, Journal of Computer Security, IOS Press , pp. 103-128, 2007

Keywords: Ad hoc networks,MAC layer, intrusion detection, security, IEEE 802.11, back-off manipulation

3. Mobility Modeling

3.1 M. Kim, D. Kotz, S. Kim, Extracting a Mobility Model from Real User Traces, in Proc. IEEE INFOCOM 2006.

Keywords: user mobility, trace processing, WiFi network, Kalman filtering

3.2 V. Naumov, R. Baumann, T. Gross, An Evaluation of Inter-Vehicle Ad Hoc Networks Based on Realistic Vehicular Traces, in Proc. ACM MobiHoc 2006.

Keywords: VANET, ad hoc network, broadcasting, greedy forwarding, inter-vehicle communication, realistic mobility model, routing, simulation, vehicular network

4. Delay Tolerant Networks

4.1 A. Balasubramanian, B. N. Levine, A. Venkataramani, DTN routing as a resource allocation problem, in Proc. ACM SIGCOMM 2007.

Keywords: DTN, deployment, mobility, routing, utility

4.2 V. Erramilli, A. Chaintreau, M. Crovella, C. Diot, Delegation Forwarding, in Proc. ACM MobiHoc 2008.

Keywords: delay-tolerant networks, forwarding algorithms, mobile opportunistic networks, optimal stopping, pocket switched networks

5. Social Networks

5.1 M. Cha, H. Kwak, P. Rodriguez, Y. Ahn, S. Moon, I tube, you tube, everybody tubes: analyzing the world's largest user generated content video system, in Proc. ACM IMC 2007.

Keywords: caching, content aliasing, long tail, p2p, popularity analysis, power-law, user generated content, vod

5.2 P. Hui, J. Crowcroft,Yoneki, Bubble Rap: Social Based Forwarding in Delay Tolerant Networks, in Proc. ACM MobiHoc 2008.

Keywords: centrality, community, delay tolerant network, forwarding, pocket switched network, social network

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