Data Structures (0368.2158)

1st Semester, 2006/07 -
School of Computer Science
Tel-Aviv University

Messages to Students: January 14, 07: Tomororw, Monday 15/1/07 THERE WILL BE A CLASS


Prof. Hanoch Levy (

Teaching Assistants:

Oded Schwartz (

Danny Feldman ( )

Danny feldman

This page will be modified during the course, and will outline the classes

Text books:

Intoduction to Algorithms, by Cormen, Leiserson and Rivest.
Data Structures and Algorithms, by Aho, Hopcroft and Ullman.
The course follows both books. Recommended purchase - first book (to be used by other courses).

Course syllabus:

The course will deal with data strucutres and their use in the design of efficient algorithms.
Subjects: Growth of functions and asymptotic notation; amortized analysis; recurrences: the substitution, master, and iteration methods; elementary strucutres: lists, stacks, queues; trees: ordered trees, binary trees, labeled trees and expression trees; set representation and manipulation; dictionary and hash tables; Perfect Hash. Search trees (Binary trees). Priority Queue (Heap). Union-Find DS. Balanced trees: 2-3 tree, B-Tree, AVL, Red-Black., Splay. Sorting and order statistics. Advanced topics if time permits (e.g. Blum Filter, Minimum-subject-to-constraint tree)

Tentative course outline. The actual order of the classes differs from this outline. The actual material may vary as well.

For a list of actual material covered so far click here
Copies of slides to be shown at during the semester:
File1 ,File1-0607
File2 ,File2-0607
File3 ,File3-0607
File4 ,File4-0607
File5 , File5-0405 ,File5-0607
File4 (2nd part - probability-0607)
Perfect-Hash , Perfect-Hash-new ,Perfect-Hash-0607
File6 , File6-0405 , File6-0607
RedBlack_tree , RedBlack-tree-0405 ,>RedBlack-tree-0607
Splay-tree , Splay-tree--new
Bloom-filter ,Bloom-filter-0607
Minimium subject-to constraint

Tirgul, homeworks and project

Details will be given in the Tirgul Home Page.

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