Advanced Topics in Computer Communications Networks

Hanoch Levy ( )
2nd Semester, 1997/98 - Thursday 15-18

Project List

  1. MUX
    a. Given set of streams that are expected in a MUX -- derive a good structure of hierarchical MUX (priority bins). Questions: a) Should it be hierarchical. b) How to form the hierarchy. c) What performance will it have?
    b. Study the advantages/disadvantages of feeding one phase of hierarchical MUX into the other.
  2. Implement prioritizing mechanizm (fair queueing) for Internet traffic.
  3. Virtual path planning:
    a. Suggest an algorithm for virtual path design whose major objective is efficient failure recovery (tradeoff - between the amount of work to move the VP, to the likelihood of finding an empty space).
    b. Consider all factors for VP design and propose the parameters on which a VP algorithm should work (input is routing of sessions, output is VP design).
  4. Quality of Service:
    a. Study the issue of Quality of Service in IP networks.
    b. How QOS in IP networks can/should be mapped into ATM standards?
    c. Differentiated Services in IP: How this new approach will be used to provide QOS in IP networks?

Messages to Students:

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