Workshop (Sadna): Quality of Service on IP Networks (2002/3)

Prof. Hanoch Levy ( ) 
2nd Semester, 2002/03 - Thursday 10-12.  
School of Computer Science, 
Tel-Aviv University

This page will be modified during the course.
Time: Thursday 10-12. Location: Dan David 212. participation.

Messages to Students:

April 10 : First meeting after Pesach (10AM Dan david) will be devoted to meetings with students who want to discuss their projects.

Second meeting after Pesach: Presentation of individual projects. 25 minutes to each. 10AM-1PM -- individual meetings. Please send email to grab a slot. Meet at the LAB.

Course Description.

Copies of Slides:
Layered Protocol Structure.
TCP Behavior.

Files provided by Hayim :

Assignments :
Assignment 1

References :
1. Carter & Crovella [1996]
2. Stevens, TCP/IP Illustrated, Vol I.

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