Hanoch Levy: Recent papers 

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A.G. Kohneim, H. Levy, M.M. Srinivasan (1994), Descendant set: an efficient approach for the analysis of polling systems. IEEE Transactions on Communications 42:2/3/4, 1245-1253 (1994).Konheim_Levy_Srinivasan_1994.ps

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H. Levy and H. Zlatokrilov (2004), The Effect of Packet Dispersion on Voice Applications in IP Networks. IEEE TON (to appear)), 2004. (also INFOCOM'04).Levy_Zlatokrilov_2004.pdf

J. Levy, H. Levy, Y. Kahana (2005), Top Percentile Network Pricing and the Economics of Multi-Homing. Accepted, Annals of OR. (Also INOC'03). Levy_Levy_Kahana_2005.pdf

L. Ashkenazi and H. Levy (2004), The Control of Burstiness in Fair Queueing Scheduling. Submitted. (also HETNET'04). Ashkenazi_Levy_2004.pdf

B. Avi-Itzhak, H. Levy and D. Raz (2005), A Resource Allocation Queueing Fairness Measure: Properties and Bounds. Submitted. AviItzhak_Levy_Raz_2005.pdf

B. Avi-Itzhak, H. Levy and D. Raz (2004), Quantifying Fairness in Queueing Systems: Principles and Applications. Submitted (also in HETNET'04). AviItzhak_Levy_Raz_2004-Revised.pdf

D. Raz, B. Avi-Itzhak and H. Levy (2004), Classes, Priorities and Fairness in Queueing systems. To be submitted. (also MAMA'04).  Raz_AviItzhak_Levy_2004.pdf

E. Brosh, H. Levy and B. Avi-Itzhak (2004), The effect of Service Time variability on Job Scheduling Fairness. To be submitted. Brosh_Levy_AviItzhak_2004.pdf

D. Raz, B. Avi-Itzhak and H. Levy (2004b), Fair Operation of Multi-Server and Multi-Queue Systems. To be submitted.Raz_AviItzhak_Levy_2004b.pdf

A. Bremler-Barr and H. Levy (2004), Spoofing Prevention Method.  INFOCOM'05. Bremler_Levy_2004.pdf

D. Raz, B. Avi-Itzhak and H. Levy (2005), Locality of Reference and the Use of Sojourn Time Variance for Queue Fairness, Extended abstract in Proceedings of MAMA'05, The Seventh Workshop on MAthematical  performance Modeling and Analysis, Banff, Canada, June 2005. Full version in preparation. Raz_AviItzhak_Levy_2005.pdf.

H. Zlatokrilov and H. Levy (2005), Session Privacy enhancement by Traffic Dispersion, INFOCOM’06, Barcelona Spain. Zlatokrilov_Levy_2005.pdf.

H. Zlatokrilov and H. Levy (2006), Navigation in Distance Vector Spaces and its use for Node Avoidance Routing, to appear INFOCOM’07 Alaska, Zlatokrilov_Levy_2006.pdf.

A. Bremler-Barr, N. Halachmi and and H. Levy (2005), Protecting Bursty Applications Against traffic Aggressivness, IWQOS Conference 2006, June 2006, Yale, USA (short version)


E. Rosensweing and H. Levy (2006), Transmission Scheduling for Mass Transit in Wireless Networks, to be submitted, Rosensweig_Levy_2006.pdf