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June 13 (Sunday) - June 17 (Thursday), 2010, Tel-Aviv University

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Tel Aviv University has a WIFI connection with limited rights for guests. If you bring your laptop with you, you will be able to connect to the internet inside the Schreiber Building. Ask for the password at the registration to the workshop.

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the first Hebrew city, and was founded in 1909. It is the second largest city in Israel (after Jerusalem) and it is the econonmical, commercial, cultural, and communication center of Israel. See here for more information about Tel Aviv.
Tel Aviv University is the biggest research university in Israel and the largest jewish academic institute in the world. It has more than 25,000 students. Click here for some information about Tel Aviv University.


All directions and explanations appear in google map. Here is the University map.


Taxi from the Ben Gurion Airport to the HaYarkon Street should cost about NIS 130 during the normal hours and NIS 150 at night or weekend. Usually, if you require to put the meter on, it should be sligthly lower.

If you want to take a taxi from Tel Aviv to the airport, order one from Hadar company (03-9711103) on the preceding evening; they have a special price in such an event (ask about the price).


Tansportation from hotels on the HaYarkon Street to the university and back:

There will be a special bus hired for this purpose. The bus will leave
on Sunday from the hotels at 08:45 (to the university) and at 19:00 from the university (to the hotels);
on Tuesday from the hotels at 09:00 (to the university), at 14:00 from the university to Caeserea (excursion) and will return from there to the hotels in the evening (around 19:00);
on other days from the hotels at 09:00 (to the university) and on 17:20 from the university (to the hotels).

Public tansportation

Line 25 goes to the university from King George (HaMelekh George) Street, corner Bugrashov. Get off at the Diaspora Museum stop.
Sherut Taxi 4 aleph goes to the university from Ben Yehuda Street. Get off at the Diaspora Museum stop.


The currency in Israel is NIS (New Israeli Shekel).
The approximate currency rate is: 1 US$ ~ 3.7 NIS or 1 Euro ~ 5.0 NIS. See currency converter for up-to-date rates.

The First International Bank of Israel, Branch No. 082, 15 (Eliyahu) Beit Tsuri (or Beit-Zuri) St map
Opening hours: Sunday -Thursday: 08:30 - 13:30
Monday and Wednesday: also 16:00-18:30

Food and coffee

Inside the university

See google map for list of place to eat and drink coffee (or tea) in the campus.

At the city

Tel-Aviv is full of places to eat, from Hummus or Falafel stands to gormet restaurents. Don't leave Israel without eating Hummus!
Coffee shops in Israel serve full meals.

The dinner on Tuesday evening at 20:00 in in Maganda restaurant, in Kerem HaTeimanim quarter, 26 Rabbi Meir Street.



The beach may be a bit crowded, but is a lot of fun.

Other turistic information