Itay Londner

I'm a Ph.D. student at the department of Mathematics in Tel-Aviv University.

My academic advisor is Prof. Alexander Olevskii.

My main field of interest is Harmonic Analysis.


Email: itaylond at

Office: N/A


Riesz sequences and arithmetic progressions (w/ A. Olevskii). Studia Math. 225 (2014), 183-191

Riesz sequences and generalized arithmetic progressions. arXiv preprint arXiv:1711.03762, (2017)

Talks that Ive given


        Analysis seminar, University of Oregon,

        Analysis seminar, UBC, Vancouver

        Analysis seminar, Georgia Tech, Atlanta


        Analysis seminar, TAU

        Israel's Mathematical Union annual meeting, Dead sea

        Harmonic analysis and approximation theory conference, CRM, Barcelona


        Analysis seminar, TAU

        Analysis seminar, BIU



Autumn 2017-18

        Calculus 1a


Spring 2018

        Calculus 2a

        Probability for math


Past courses:

         Calculus 1a

         Calculus 2a

         Calculus 3

         Introduction to Hilbert spaces and Operator theory

         Complex analysis for Engineers (Lectures)

         Complex analysis

         Calculus 1b

         Complex analysis for Engineers

         Harmonic analysis for Engineers

         Calculus 1c

         Mathematics for Management