Advanced Course in Computer graphics

Assignment for Passover homepage


1.                   Please download the updated exercise sheet  (do not used the one handed in class).

2.                   The exercise should be done in pairs.

3.                   Due date: 1.5.2006

4.                   Here is a basic script in matlab which does a simple linear interpolation morphing.

             You can either use this script or implement the exercise in any other platform you'd like.

5.                   Here are some 2D polygonal models.

6.                   note the following comment:

                        you can instead of using the equation:


V^t = (Qt+(1-t)I)R_t\phi V^s,


just linearly interpolate:


V^t = (1-t)V^S + tV^T,


where in all the above V^* stands for (v^{*,i}_1, v^{*,i}_2).


It might work better.