Data Structures (0368.2158)

2nd Semester, 2003
School of Computer Science
Tel-Aviv University


Prof. Yossi Matias (

Teaching Assistants:

Oded Schwartz (
Asaf Shapira (

This page will be modified during the course, and will outline the classes

Text books:

Intoduction to Algorithms, by Cormen, Leiserson and Rivest.
Data Structures and Algorithms, by Aho, Hopcroft and Ullman.
The course follows both books. Recommended purchase - first book (to be used by other courses).

Course syllabus:

The course will deal with data strucutres and their use in the design of efficient algorithms.
Subjects: Growth of functions and asymptotic notation; amortized analysis; recurrences: the substitution, master, and iteration methods; elementary strucutres: lists, stacks, queues; trees: ordered trees, binary trees, labeled trees and expression trees; set representation and manipulation; dictionary and hash tables.

Tentative course outline

Course material

These are partial set of course notes (PowerPoint presentation in Hebrew).
(Note: these notes may change during the semester.)

Animation links

Check out the following links for animations of algorithms and data structures:


The final grade will be composed of the following:

Tirgul, homeworks and project

Details will be given in the Tirgul Home Page.
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