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Asymptotic Geometric Analysis

Workshop in honor of Nicole Tomczak-Jaegermann,


Dead Sea, June 24-27, 2005






09:30-12:50, Morning Session


09:30-10:20, H. Koenig, Spherical Design Techniques in Banach Spaces.

10:30-11:00, Intermission.


11:00-11:50, E. Odell, Embeddings into Banach Spaces with FDD's.

12:00-12:50, J. Bourgain, Localization for the Anderson Bernoulli model and unique continuation.


13:00-14:00, Lunch


15:00-18:00, Afternoon Session


15:00-15:50, N. Tomczak-Jaegermann, Random subspaces and quotients of finite-dimensional spaces.

16:00-16:25, A. Naor, Metric cotype and some of its applications.

16:30-16:55, Sh. Mendelson, Random projections and empirical processes.

17:10-18:00,  DISCUSSION






10:00-12:50, Morning Session

10:00 - 10:50, S. J. Szarek, Entropy duality over the years,

11:00 - 11:50, A. Pajor, Geometry of random (-1,+1)-polytopes


12:00 - 12:50, N. Kalton, The complemented subspace problem revisited.

13:00 - 14:00, Lunch

15:00-18:10, Afternoon Session

15:00-15:50, P. Mankiewicz, Low dimensional sections versus projections (joint work with Nicole Tomczak-Jaegermann).

16:00-16:25, R. Latala, Estimates of moments and tails of Gaussian chaoses.

16:30-16:55, S.Alesker, Quaternionic pluripotential  theory and its applications in convexity.

17:15-17:40, S. Artstein, TBA

17:45-18:10, K. Oleszkiewicz, Small ball probability estimates in terms of width - on two conjectures of Roman Vershynin (joint work with R. Latala)


09:30-12:00, Morning Session

09:30-10:20, A. Litvak, Diameters of Sections and Coverings of Convex Bodies (joint work with N.Tomczak-Jaegermann and A. Pajor).

10:30-11:20, Th. Schlumprecht, A separable reflexive Banach space which contains all separable uniformly convex spaces.

11:35-12:00, B. Klartag, On John type ellipsoids.