Seminar Crowd (Data) Sourcing


Tova Milo, Winter 2012


Seminar Information

Crowd-based data sourcing is a new and powerful data procurement paradigm that engages Web users to collectively contribute data, analyze information and share opinions. We shall read recent papers in this area, and then explore possible future directions. A list of tentative topics/papers is enclosed.






1.      Human-powered Sorts and Joins. A. Marcus, E. Wu, D. Karger, S.Madden, R. Miller, VLDB'12 (Slava, 7/11)


2.      CrowdER: Crowdsourcing Entity Resolution. J. Wang, T. Kraska, M. J. Franklin, J. Feng, VLDB'12 (Michael Shifman 14/11 )


3.      Crowdsourcing with Endogenous Entry. Arpita Ghosh and Preston Mcafee, WWW'12 (Yael A. 21/11)


4.      Answering Search Queries with CrowdSearcher. A. Bozzon, M. Brambilla and S. Ceri, WWW'12 (Lilach, 28/11)


5.      ZenCrowd: Leveraging Probabilistic Reasoning and Crowdsourcing Techniques for Large-Scale Entity Linking. G. Demartini, D. Eddine Difallah and P. Cudre'-Mauroux, WWW'12 (Ohad, 5/12)


6.      So Who Won? Dynamic Max Discovery with the Crowd, S. Guo, Aditya Parameswaran, H Garcia-Molina, SIGMOD 2012 (Yael G., 19/12)


7.      Pushing the Boundaries of Crowd-enabled Databases with Query-driven Schema Expansion. J. Selke, C. Lofi, W. Balke, VLDB'12 (Rubi, 26/12)


8.      CDAS: A Crowdsourcing Data Analytics System. X. Liu, M. Lu, B. C. Ooi, Y. Shen, S. Wu, M. Zhang, VLDB'12 (Ilia, 15/1 at 17:00, location to be announced))


9.      CrowdScreen: Algorithms for Filtering Data with Humans, A. Parameswaran, H. Garcia-Molina, H. Park, N. Polyzotis, A. Ramesh, J. Widom, SIGMOD 2012 (Ezra, 16/1)

10.  Max Algorithms in Crowdsourcing Environments. P. Venetis, H. Garcia-Molina, K. Huang and N. Polyzotis, WWW'12 (Nir, 23/1)

We may also look at some of the papers at HCOMP'12 (