Seminar Managing Information on the Web

Tova Milo, Spring 2008


Seminar Information

The seminar focuses on managing, analyzing, sharing, and integrating data and applications across multiple sources, either on the Internet or at enterprises. This topic has received much attention in the database, AI, Web, IR and verification communities. We shall read recent papers in this area, focusing on several specific issues, and then explore possible future directions. A list of tentative topics/papers is enclosed.








1. Extending XQuery with Window Functions, Botan, Fischer , Florescu , Kossmann, Kraska, Tamosevicius, VLDB 07' (Lena Dankin & Tomer Hasid, 6/7)

2. Querying XML with Update Syntax, Fan, Cong, Bohannon, SIGMOD 07' (Lena Dankin& Tomer Hasid, 6/7)

3. The Complexity of Reasoning about Pattern-based XML Schemas, Kasneci and Schwentick, PODS 07'




1. Fast Data Stream Algorithms Using Associative Memories, Bandi, Metwally, Agrawal, El Abbadi, SIGMOD 07' (Gil Messerman, 13/7)

2. Efficient Algorithms for Evaluating XPath over Streams, Gou, Chirkova, SIGMOD 07'

3. Sketching Probabilistic Data Streams, Cormode, Garofalakis, SIGMOD 07'




1. Approximate Algorithm for K-Anonymity, Park, Shim, SIGMOD 07'

2. Auditing Disclosure by Relevance Ranking, Agrawal , Evfimievski, Kiernan, Velu, SIGMOD 07'

3. Security in Outsourcing of Association Rule Mining, Wong, Cheung , Hung , Kao, Mamoulis, VLDB 07'