Seminar Managing Information on the Web


Tova Milo, Winter 2011


Seminar Information

The seminar focuses on managing, analyzing, sharing, and integrating data and applications across multiple sources, either on the Internet or at enterprises. This topic has received much attention in the database, AI, Web, IR and verification communities. We shall read recent papers in this area, focusing on several specific issues, and then explore possible future directions. A list of tentative topics/papers is enclosed.




         Crowd-sourcing and Social networks

1.       CrowdDB: Answering Queries with Crowdsourcing, David M. Franklin, D. Kossmann, T. Kraska, S. Ramesh, R. Xin. SIGMOD 2011 (Slava Novgorodov, 16/11)

2.       The sCOOP project, Stanford and UCSB (Yael Amsterdamer, 23/11)

3.       MRI: Meaningful Interpretations of Collaborative Ratings, M. Das, S. Amer-Yahia, G. Das, C. Yu. VLDB 2011 (Rubi Boim, 30/11)


         Querying and Web

1.       SnipSuggest: Context-Aware Autocompletion for SQL, N. Khoussainova, Y. Kwon, M. Balazinska, D. Suciu. VLDB 2011 (Dekel Cohen, 21/12)

2.       Recovering Semantics of Tables on the Web , A. P. Venetis, A. Halevy, J. Madhavan, M. Pasca, W. Shen, F. Wu, G. Miao, C. Wu. VLDB 2011 (Ohad Greenshpan, 28/12)

3.       Schema-As-You-Go: On Probabilistic Tagging and Querying of Wide Tables, M. Lu, B. T. Dai, A. Tung, D. Agrawal. SIGMOD 2011 (Ilia Lotosh, 4/1)

4.       Efficient Diversity-Aware Search , A. Angel, N. Koudas. SIGMOD 2011 (Vera Vsevolozhsky, 11/1)


         Cleaning and Provenance

1.       Interaction between Record Matching and Data Repairing, Boris W. Fan, J. Li, S. Ma, N. Tang, W. Yu SIGMOD 2011 (Boris Kostenko, 18/1)

2.       We Challenge You to Certify Your Updates, S. Chen, X. L. Dong, L. Lakshmanan, D. Srivastava. SIGMOD 2011 (Nir Hemed, 25/1)

3.       Tracing Data Errors with View-Conditioned Causality, Wenchao A. Meliou, W. Gatterbauer, S. Nath, D. Suciu. SIGMOD 2011 (Lilach Messinger, 1/2)


         Statistical methods

1.       Tuffy: Scaling up Statistical Inference in Markov Logic Networks Using an RDBMS, F. Niu, C. Re', A. Doan, J. Shavlik. VLDB'11