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NIPS-95 Workshop

Object Features for Visual Shape Representation

NIPS-95 Workshop: Saturday, Dec 2, 1995

Updated Nov 25, 1995

Organizers: Shimon Edelman, Nathan Intrator

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Object recognition can be regarded as a comparison between the stimulus shape and a library of reference shapes stored in long-term memory. It is not likely that the visual system stores exact templates or snapshots of familiar objects, both for pragmatic reasons (the appearance of a 3D object depends on the viewing conditions, making a close match between the stimulus and a template unattainable), and because of computational limitations that have to do with the curse of dimensionality. Many competing approaches to the extraction of features useful for shape representation have been proposed in the past.

The workshop will explore and compare some of these approaches. We shall be particularly interested in discussing different approaches for evaluating feature extraction rules: information theory, statistics, pattern recognition etc. We would like to elaborate on the goal of feature/information extraction in early visual cortex, the relevance of the statistics of the input environment to studying learning rules and comparison between visual cortical plasticity models. Presentation of psychophysical and neurobiological data relevant to the feature issue will be encouraged.

POTENTIAL PARTICIPANTS: connectionists / feature extraction people / vision researchers / neurobiologists working on perceptual learning

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Shimon Edelman
Dept. of Applied Math & Comp Sci
The Weizmann Institute of Science
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Nathan Intrator
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phone: (401) 863-1488
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