Introduction to Set Theory

Lecturer: Eli Glasner
Instructor: Peleg Michaeli
Lectures: Sunday, 12:00-14:00, Engineering (Electricity Building) 101
Practice: (02) Wednesday, 12:00-13:00, Merkazey Al 315 / (03) Monday, 17:00-18:00, Schreiber 8
Office Hour: Wednesday, 13:00-14:00 (after class; starting from 16/11)


The next two office hours - Wednesday 25/1 and Wednesday 1/2 - will be held at Merkazey Al 315, instead of at my office.
The office hour that was scheduled for Wednesday, 11/1/12, is cancelled. Instead, I will have an office hour on this Friday, as long as you tell me in advance you wish to come.
An extra lesson will be held on Wednesday, 11/1/12, 13:10-14:00, in Schreiber 8, instead of the office hour. The same lesson will also be held on Thursday, 12/1/12, 9:10-10:00, in Merkazey Al 315, so you can pick your favourite time.
The due date for submission of exercise 6 has been extended to 28/12/11.
The due date for submission of exercise 6 has been extended to 26/12/11.
An extra lesson for the Wednesday group (02) will be given on Friday, 25/11, 10:10-11:00, in Schreiber 6.
The due date for submission of exercise 1 has been extended to 23/11/11.
Due to objections, the tutorial today is cancelled.
Due to the Rabin memorial ceremony, the tutorial that was scheduled for tomorrow (9/11/11) will be postponed to 13:10, and will be held in Shenkar 222 (unless there will be objections or the ceremony lasts more than one hour; in that case the tutorial will be cancelled).


Submission is obligatory, and in addition strongly recommended.