Analytic Geometry

Prof. Zeev Rudnick

Fall 2004-2005, Tel Aviv


Thursday 13-15 Melamed auditorium

Recitation session: Mr. Mendy Shoval, Tuesday 14-15, Orenstein 103


The course is an introductory course in the geometry of two and three dimensions. It assumes knowledge of the courses calculus 1, linear algebra 1 and that the students have either taken calculus 2 and linear algebra 2 or are studying them in parallel with the course. The topics include See here for the details of what was taugh this year !.


As was the situation in previous years with this course, I did not find any single source that I could use as a text book. Examples of books part of which are relevant are:


This will be an important part of the course. In order to be eligible to take the final exam, at least 50% of the assignments have to be turned in within a week of their due date. 10% of the final grade will be determined from the homework scores, which will be obtained as the average grade of a certain number of assignments.

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