Introduction to Number Theory

Prof. Zeev Rudnick

Fall 2022/23, Tel Aviv

Schedule: Lectures Monday 11-12, Wednesday 11-13, Checkpoint 001

Recitation sessions with Mr. Eden Kuperwasser, Monday 10-11 Schreiber 7 or Tuesday 14-15 Kaplun 118 and Mr. Roei Raveh Monday 10-11, Orenstein 110


The course is an introductory course in basic number theory. It assumes very little background beyond linear algebra and a solid course of first year calculus. The topics include


Any introductory book on number theory will be useful. For example, see:

Attendance of lectures and recitation sessions is mandatory! We require presence in 80% of the lectures and 80% of the recitations


This will be an important part of the course. In order to be eligible to take the final exam, at least 50% of the assignments have to be turned in on the week of their due date. 10% of the final grade will be determined from the homework scores, which will be obtained as the average grade of a certain number of assignments.

Contact: Zeev Rudnick,, Office : Schreiber 308

Teaching assistants: Eden Kupervwasser, Roei Raveh

Course homepage: