Workshop: Coding Theory and Learning (with option of Collaboration with Digital Media at Film&TV department)


The workshop is on advanced topics related to error-correcting codes and learning functions whose Fourier transform is concentrated. Students can either carry out projects on core issues, or examine potential applications, for example to audio recognition. It may be also possible to carry out projects in collaboration with a course that runs in parallel at the Film/TV department. This will include synchronization with groups there on projects. Necessary mathematical aspects of theses issues will be covered as necessary. Projects will be carried out in teams of 2-3 students, depending on load. Meetings on Thursdays 4-6pm will be scheduled (not all through the semester) and must be attended; lab meetings will be scheduled with us. Students are expected to submit their projects soon after the semester ends. Specifics will be decided during the semester.

It is a workshop for the braves in mathematics as well as in programing :-!