Tel-Aviv University
School of Mathematical Sciences

Department Colloquium - Sackler Distinguished Lecture

Monday, April 26, 2010

Schreiber 006, 12:15

Ronald DeVore

Texas A & M University

A Taste of Compressed Sensing

Abstract: Compressed Sensing is a new paradigm in signal and image processing. It seeks to faithfully capture a signal/image with the fewest number of measurements. Rather than model a signal as a bandlimited function or an image as a pixel array, it models both of these as a sparse vector in some representation system. This model fits well real world signals and images. For example, images are well approximated by a sparse wavelet decomposition. Given this model, how should we design a sensor to capture the signal with the fewest number of measurements. We shall introduce ways of measuring the effectiveness of compressed sensing algorithms and then show which of these are optimal.

Coffee will be served at 12:00 before the lecture
at Schreiber building 006