Topics in spectral theory (autumn 2015)

Assignment #1
Assignment #2 q-n 3: the assumption should read: -△+V ≥ -a
Assignment #3 q-n 1a: (Hψ)(n) = ψ(n-1)1n>0 + ψ(n+1) + (-1)naψ(n)
Assignment #4   The Neumann Laplacian is the quadratic form extension of the Laplacian on the space of C2 functions with vanishing normal derivative on the boundary; q-n (2): the inequality should be reversed (the one stated is what we proved in class)
Assignment #5

The moment problem and applications (spring 2015)

Functions of a real variable (autumn 2014)

Seminar in statistical mechanics (autumn 2014)

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