Semyon Alesker

Office: Schreiber Building, Room 101.
Office address: School of Mathematical Sciences, Tel Aviv University, 69978 Tel Aviv, Israel.
Office phone: +972-3-640-5380
Department fax: +972-3-640-9357
E-mail: semyon 'AT' post 'DOT' tau 'DOT' ac 'DOT' il

Teaching in Fall semester, 2010:

  • Linear Algebra 1: Tuesdays 12-14 in Lev auditorium; Thursdays 13-15 in Dach auditorium.
  • Past Teaching

  • Undergraduate courses: Linear Algebra 1,2; Linear Algebra 2 for 'du-khugi'; Linear Algebra for Engeneers; Algebra B1; Algebra B3; Analysis on manifolds.
  • Graduate courses: Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry 1; Topics in Algebraic Geometry (introduction to etale cohomology); Topics in Convexity: theory of valuations.