Asymptotic Geometric Analysis Seminar


Spring Semester, 2011.


Sunday, 14:10-16:00, Schreiber - room 209



20.2         Vitali Milman: Introductory meeting. Shiri Artstein, stability of certain operations connected with geometry


27.2         Liran Rotem, On low-M* estimate for log concave functions.


6.3           Alex Segal, Characterizing duality via maps interchaging sections with projections.


13.3         Prof. Hermann Koenig, Solutions of the Chain Rule and Leibniz Rule Functional


20.3         Purim Vacation  


27.3         Prof. Greg Kuperberg, Numerical cubature from geometry and coding theory


3.4           Goshrim conference.


10.4         Ronen Eldan, Extremal points of a high dimensional random walk and the convex hull of a high dimensional Brownian Motion.


17.4         Passover Vacation       


24.4         Still Passover     


1.5           No seminar


8.5           Dima Faifman, Convexity arising through the momentum mapping.


15.5         Dima Faifman - continued


22.5         Dima Faifman - continued, and Dan Florentin: variants of Santaló's inequality, Cordero's conjecture and the (B) conjecture.


29.5         Dan Florentin - continued    


5.6           Uri Grupel TBA.