Seminar in Real and Complex Geometry

Wednesday, October 24, 2018, 16:00-17:00, Schreiber building, room 210

Mikhail Borovoi (Tel Aviv)

Real models of spherical homogeneous spaces


Let G be a connected reductive algebraic group over the field of complex numbers C. Let Y=G/H be a spherical homogeneous space of G (a homogeneous space of special kind). Let G_0 be a real model (real form) of G, that is, a model of G over the field of real numbers R. In the talk I will discuss the following question: does there exist a G_0 -equivariant real model Y_0 of Y? This is interesting even in the case when G = G' x G', where G' is a connected semisimple group over C, and H=G' embedded diagonally into G' x G'. No preliminary knowledge of sperical varieties will be assumed.