B. Tsirelson

Automorphisms of the type II1 Arveson system of Warren's noise

Recent works

Boris Tsirelson,
"Automorphisms of the type II1 Arveson system of Warren's noise."
Available online (free of charge) from e-print archive (USA):
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A research eprint, 11 pages, bibl. 5 refs.

Motions of the plane (shifts and rotations) correspond to automorphisms of the type I Arveson system of white noise. I prove that automorphisms corresponding to rotations cannot be extended to the type II Arveson system of Warren's noise.

  1. Introduction.
  2. Automorphisms of the type I1 Arveson system of the white noise.
  3. An inequality related to CCR.
  4. The first superchaos of the type II1 system.
  5. Main result.
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