Tsirelson = Cirel'son?

Yes, Tsirelson = Tsirel'son = Cirelson = Cirel'son =
in Russian (Russian) = in Hebrew (Hebrew). Sorry for the inconvenience...

Living in Russia till 1991, I wrote most papers in Russian, and adhered to the transliteration of Cyrillic used by AMS (American Mathematical Society) and MR (Mathematical Reviews). "Cirel'son" results from an "old" transliteration used before 1983, "Tsirel'son" - from a "new" transliteration introduced in 1983 and intended to be as phonetic as possible for speakers of English.

To all those readers who have come to love the present "slavic style" transliteration, the editors of MR apologize for the inconvenience.
MR : annual index - 1982 : author index : appendix C : page C1.

After 1991, my publications are written in English :-) and use only the form "Tsirelson".

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