There is "Tsirelson street" in Tel Aviv...

Well, it is not "my street". However, I am Boris Tsirelson, son of Simon (Shimon), son of Aaron, son of Shepha Tsirelson. Shepha was a brother of Rabbi Leib Tsirelson, born in 1859. The following information is kindly provided by the naming and perpetuation committee, municipality of Tel-Aviv-Yafo.

In 1954, an extensive action was undertaken to give names to new streets in growing Tel-Aviv, and on 24 March 1954 the City Council also approved to name a street in the northern part of the city, in beautiful surroundings, after Rabbi Yehuda Leib Tsirelson, the Chief Rabbi of Bessarabia, one of the leaders of religious Jewry, who was murdered by the Nazis.

Rabbi Tsirelson had also been a writer and public figure, the Head of the Rabbinical Committee. On behalf of the Russian Government, he had greatly helped refugees from the First World War, and had been an energetic fighter for the rights of Romanian Jews. He had also been a member of the Parliament and of the Senate, and among the leaders of "Agudat Israel". All these are good reasons for having named a street after him.

The street is near to an inter-urban highway - the Haifa Road - and besides it is also a quiet, pleasant street with not too high buildings - 3 floors. It begins near the Yarkon River and ends near the park adjoining "Yad Lebanim" to the memory of the sons of Tel-Aviv who fell in the wars of Israel.

You can find Tsirelson streets also in Petah-Tikva, Bnei Brak, Ramat Hasharon, and Netanya.

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