Graphical Methods in Statistics

Yoav Benjamini
Department of Statistics and Operations Research
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Office Hours: Monday 13-14, or by appointment via email.

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Lecture Hours:

Thurseday 12-15 Schrieber 08

Reading material:


The statistical software we shall use is Splus. The level needed is that taught at Introduction to Statistics Course Tutorial material is available in the following documents (which can also be printed). Other books on S and Splus which we shall use are:


Please keep on looking at this list as the course progresses. Some of these will be activated later, and by clicking on them further information, material, etc. will be available.


Six homework sets will be assigned and graded. They will carry increasing weight as the course progresses, and together constitute 30-40% of the final grade. The rest is determined by a final openbook exam.


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