Yinon Spinka
School of Mathematical Sciences
Sackler Faculty of Exact Sciences
Tel-Aviv University
E-mail: yinonspi@post.tau.ac.il
Office: Schreiber Building, Open-Space

About me

I am currently a Ph.D. student working in the field of probability under the supervision of Ron Peled. I completed my master's degree at Tel-Aviv University also under the supervision of Ron Peled. My thesis was Random Walk with Long-Range Constraints.



The Office

Some Illustrations

Samples of random loop configurations in the loop O(n) model in three regimes (left-to-right): disorded, near critical and ordered.

Uniformly sampled homomorphisms from the graph P_{n,d} to the integers, where P_{n,d} is a segment with edges between vertices of different parity at distance at most 2d+1. The case d=0 is just a simple random walk. Uniformly sampled Lipschitz functions on the graph P_{n,d}. The case d=0 is just a random walk with independent uniform increments in [-1,1].