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Bingrong Huang

Mailing Address

School of Mathematical Science
Tel Aviv University
Tel-Aviv 69978, Israel

Office: Schrieber Building, Room 001
Email: bingronghuangsdu “at” gmail “doc” com

About Me

<HR\>I am a postdoc in the School of Mathematical Science at Tel Aviv University. My advisor is Professor Zeev Rudnick. Previously, I was a graduate student (2012.09-2017.06) in the School of Mathematics at Shandong University and a visiting scholar (2015.08-2017.02) in the Department of Mathematics at Columbia University. My Ph.D. advisors are Professors Jianya Liu and Dorian Goldfeld. And my interests are primarily in analytic number theory, the theory of automorphic forms and L-functions, and Quantum Chaos.

Publications and Preprints


  • (with Dorian Goldfeld), Super-positivity of a family of L-functions in the level aspect, preprint, 2017.
  • (with Shenhui Liu and Zhao Xu), Mollification and non-vanishing of automorphic L-functions on GL(3), arxiv preprint, 2017. arxiv
  • (with Dorian Goldfeld), Super-positivity of a family of L-functions, arxiv preprint, 2016. arxiv
  • Hybrid subconvexity bounds for twisted L-functions on GL(3), arxiv preprint, 2016. arxiv


  1. (with Zhao Xu), Sup-norm bounds for Eisenstein series,
    Forum Math., 29(6): 1355–1369, 2017. arxiv journal
  2. (with Xiaoguang He), Exponential sums involving the Mobius function,
    Acta Arith., 175(03): 201–209, 2016. pdf journal
  3. Exponential sums over primes in short intervals and an application to the Waring–Goldbach problem,
    Mathematika, 62(02):508–523, 2016. arxiv journal
  4. Strong orthogonality between the Mobius function and nonlinear exponential functions in short intervals,
    Int. Math. Res. Not. IMRN, 2015(23):12713–12736, 2015. arxiv journal
  5. (with Zhiwei Wang), Exponential sums over primes in short intervals,
    J. Number Theory, 148:204–219, 2015. pdf journal

See also MathSciNet, Google Scholar, ArXiv.

Talks and Teaching


  • 2017.11, Zero Density Theorems, Tel Aviv U. (TAU).
  • 2017.09, Some Analytic Aspects of L-functions, Huaqiao U.
  • 2017.08, Kuznetsov Trace Formulas and their Applications, SDUW.
  • 2017.06, Super-positivity of a family of L-functions, AMSS.
  • 2017.06, Super-positivity of a family of L-functions, Xi’an Jiaotong U.
  • 2017.05, The subconvexity problem of L-functions and their applications, SDU.
  • 2015.11, Hybrid sup-norm bounds for Eisenstein series, Columbia U.
  • 2014.08, Exponential sums over primes in short intervals, SDUW.


  • Fall 2014: Instructor for Integers and Polynomials (in Chinese), School of Mathematics, SDU.
  • Fall 2013: Instructor for Advanced Mathematics (in Chinese), School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, SDU.


Academic Activities


  • Aug 6-7, 2017, Automorphic Representations and L-functions, SDUW, China.
  • Jul. 3-7, 2017, Analytic Methods in Diophantine Problems, SDUW, China.
  • Jun. 15-18, 2017, Workshop on Number Theory and Dynamics, AMSS, China.
  • Apr. 22-23, 2017, Diophantine Equations and Related Topics, XMU, China.
  • Apr. 03-07, 2017, NCG workshop: Number theory, Fudan U., China.
  • Feb. 06-10, 2017, Introductory Workshop: Analytic Number Theory, MSRI, USA.

2015 and 2016

  • Jun. 13-16, 2016, L-functions and arithmetic, A conference celebrating Karl Rubin’s 60th birthday, Harvard U., USA.
  • May 21-24, 2016, Analysis and Beyond: Celebrating Jean Bourgain’s Work and Impact, IAS, USA.
  • Nov. 9-13, 2015, Computational Aspect of L-functions, ICERM, Brown U., USA.
  • Jul. 20-24, 2015, PANTC 2015, in honor of the 70th birthday of Prof. John Henry Coates, TSIMF, Sanya, Hainan, China.
  • May 16-19, 2015, The 7th National Conference on Number Theory, SDU, China.
  • May 11-15, 2015, Conference on Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry in honor of Professor Nicholas Katz’s 71st birthday, MCM and AMSS, Beijing, China.

2014 and earlier

  • Aug. 11-16, 2014, Workshop on Number Theory, SDUW, China.
  • Jul. 9-23, 2014, Summer school Analytic Number Theory, IHES, France.
  • Jan. 7-9, 2014, Number Theory Conference in Honor of Peter Sarnak, Shandong U. (SDU), China.
  • Jul. 16-26, 2012, China-France Summer School on Number Theory, SDUW, China.
  • Aug. 1-12, 2011, Workshop on Number Theory, Shandong U. at Weihai (SDUW), China.

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