Probability, Ergodic Theory, Dynamical Systems and related fields

Conference in memory of Meir Smorodinsky

9th-11th April 2014


Tel Aviv University.

The conference is organized by School of Mathematical Sciences with the support of the Faculty
of Exact Sciences
of Tel Aviv University , Israel Mathematical Union , TIDY and ERC grant number 239885.
It will take place in Tel Aviv University, 9-11.04.2014.

The conference is a memorial conference for Meir Smorodinsky and deals with the fields of his activity: Probability and Ergodic Theory. Its goal is to ensure a fruitful exchange and dissemination of ideas, as well as cross-fertilization via interactions of conference participants.

Organizing committee

Jon Aaronson, David Gilat, Eli Glasner, Isaac Meilijson.

Scientific committee

Omri Sarig, Barak Weiss, Benjamin Weiss.




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