• May , 2015:Game Theory Conference, 14/05/2015.
  • March , 2015:The School of Mathematical Sciences congratulates its students who participates in the Israeli Mathematics Competition. Among the top ten students, six study at Tel Aviv University: Omri Solan (ranked 2), Yoav Krauz (ranked 3), Amotz Oppenheim (ranked 5), Dean hirsch (ranked 6), Dor Shmoish (ranked 8), and Erez Buchweitz (ranked 10). Students in the first 4 years of their studies can participate in the competition. The students who were ranked at the top will compose the Israeli team that will participate at the International Mathematics Competition, which will take place in Bulgaria in summer 2015..
  • March , 2015:Tel Aviv University Workshop on Positional Games and Extremal Combinatorics.
  • January:The Beno Arbel National Mathematics Olympiad for junior high school students took place for the second time, in collaboration with the Unit for Science Oriented Youth at Tel Aviv University. Five thousand students from all over the country participated in the first phase of the contest and 500 students qualified for the final stage. At the closing ceremony, held on Tuesday, 20.1.2015 at Tel Aviv University, 72 students received prizes and certificates. These students will join the Israeli scientific youth team, whose graduates train for positions on the Israeli scientific Olympic teams in mathematics, physics, informatics and chemistry.
  • January , 2015:Congratulations to Prof. Yaron Ostrover (Senior Faculty Member of Pure Mathematics) and to Mr. Tal Galili (Junior Academic Staff from the Department of Statistics and Operations Research) for winning the Rector's Awards for Teaching Excellence.
  • November , 2014:Congratulations to Dr. Yaron Ostrover, Prof. Sasha Sodin and Prof. Asaf Shapira  for winning research grants from the European Research Council.The awards to our faculty members reflect the high international standing of research in the School of Mathematical Sciences.