• July , 2015:The Israeli National Team to the International Mathematics Competition that was held in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, was ranked three among 73 teams.
  • July , 2015:Congratulations to Aviel Boag, a student at the Beno Arbel program, who received a bronze medal in the International Olympiad of Informatics, which was held in Almaty, Kazakhstan in July 2015.
  • June , 2015:Congratulations to Prof. Shiri Artstein-Avidan, from the department of Pure Mathematics, who won the Erdős Prize awarded by the Israel Mathematical Union. The Anna and Lajos Erdős Prize in Mathematics is a prize given by the Israel Mathematical Union to an Israeli mathematician (in any field of mathematics and computer science), with preference to candidates up to the age of 40. The prize was established by Paul Erdős in 1977 in honor of his parents, and is awarded annually or biannually.
  • June , 2015:We congratulate Dr. David Golan (Peretz Prize) and Tal Lahav (Putter Prize) on winning the annual research prizes of the Israel Statistical Association. David Golan wrote his doctoral dissertation under the supervision of Prof. Saharon Rosset and Tal Lahav wrote her M Sc thesis under the supervision of Prof. Felix Abramovich.
  • July , 2015:Members of the School will give talks on the 7th European Congress of Mathematics, July 18-22 in Berlin: Leonid Polterovich (plenary speaker) and Moti Gitik (invited speaker).
  • June:The school congratulates its students who participated in the Grossman Mathematics Olympiad that is organized by the Technion and won prizes: Tomer Novikov (first prize), Dor Shmoish (third prize), Aviel Bog, Yaron Brodesky, and Boaz Guberman (honorable mention).
  • June , 2015:An international meeting in honor of Professor Amnon Jakimovski's 90th birthday will take place on Wednesday 10.6.15 and Thursday 11.6.15 in the School of mathematical sciences. Prof. Jakimovski was one of the founders and long time leaders of the School, and served as Head of the Department of mathematics in 1970-1972 and as Head of the School in 1985-1987. Among his contributions to the School he initiated the establishment of the gifted children program, called now after Beno Arbel.
  • March , 2015:The School of Mathematical Sciences congratulates its students who participates in the Israeli Mathematics Competition. Among the top ten students, six study at Tel Aviv University: Omri Solan (ranked 2), Yoav Krauz (ranked 3), Amotz Oppenheim (ranked 5), Dean hirsch (ranked 6), Dor Shmoish (ranked 8), and Erez Buchweitz (ranked 10). Students in the first 4 years of their studies can participate in the competition. The students who were ranked at the top will compose the Israeli team that will participate at the International Mathematics Competition, which will take place in Bulgaria in summer 2015.
  • January:The Beno Arbel National Mathematics Olympiad for junior high school students took place for the second time, in collaboration with the Unit for Science Oriented Youth at Tel Aviv University. Five thousand students from all over the country participated in the first phase of the contest and 500 students qualified for the final stage. At the closing ceremony, held on Tuesday, 20.1.2015 at Tel Aviv University, 72 students received prizes and certificates. These students will join the Israeli scientific youth team, whose graduates train for positions on the Israeli scientific Olympic teams in mathematics, physics, informatics and chemistry.