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Lior Bary-Soroker

I am an associate professor at the School of Mathematical Sciences of Tel Aviv University,
In 2017-2018 I am in sabbatical in Concordia University and University of Montreal.

Research interests:

I really like polynomials and they appear in most of my research, as the topic of study, as part of the tools, and sometimes they are merely mysteriously related. Some specific areas to which I've contributed to are: Number Theory in Function Fields, Field Arithmetics, Profinite Groups, and Finite Fields. Some discussions on these (and other) interesting mathematics appear in my blog (which was not so well updated in the last few year).


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Fall 2017 (Concordia)

Algebraic Number Theory (MAST 833/2, MATH 494, MAST 693)


Schreiber 208
School of Mathematical Sciences
Tel Aviv University
Ramat Aviv
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