Group Members

  • Vlad Matei

    Vlad Matei

  • Daniele Garzoni

    Daniele Garzoni

  • Amotz Oppenheim

    Amotz Oppenheim

    M.Sc. student
  • Or Ben-Porat

    Or Ben-Porat

    Ph.D. student
  • Roy Shmueli

    Roy Shmueli

    Ph.D. student
  • Rotem Gluzman

    Rotem Gluzman

    M.Sc. student


  • Efrat Bank,

    Number Theory in Function Fields, Ph.D. 2014.
  • Mark Shusterman,

    Gradients on Groups and their Aapplications, Ph.D. 2018
  • Ofir Gorodetsky, (jointly advised with Prof. Rudnick)

    The variance of sums of arithmetic functions, Ph.D. 2020
  • Mark Shusterman,

    Free subgroups of finitely generated free profinite groups, M.Sc. 2014.
  • Ofir Gorodetsky,

    Polynomial analogue of Landu's theorem and related problems, M.Sc. 2016.
  • Tai-Lin Karidi,

    On Galois groups of compositions, M.Sc. 2016.
  • Eyal Moses,

    Irreducible Polynomials with Varying Constrains on Coefficients, M.Sc. 2017.
  • Matan Ginzburg,

    Semi-free subgroups of a profinite surface group, M.Sc. 2018.
  • Yotam Fine,

    Characteristic classes of involutions in nonsolvable groups, M.Sc. 2019.
  • Or Ben-Porath,

    The Galois group of the difference of two Taylor Polynomials of the exponential function, M.Sc. 2020
  • Roy Shmueli,

    The expected number of roots of random polynomials over the field of p-adic numbers, M.Sc. 2020
  • Lidor Eldabbach,

    Anabelian conjectures over log-cyclotomic extensions, M.Sc. 2021
  • Zion Nachisi,

    On the semi-freeness of the regular fundamental group, M.Sc. 2021


  • Francois Legrand,

  • Adina Cohen-Heilbron,