Lightning Talks

This year we will hold a PLENARY talk session dedicated to students' achievements - the LIGHTNING SESSION. An independent committee, headed by Prof. Mikhail Sodin (Tel Aviv University), will choose six results by students currently working in Israeli institutions. Each student will have 10 minutes to present their result. Three prizes will be awarded at the end, called “the IMU lightning talk awards”. We would like to encourage all students that are eligible to participate in this endeavor. Many students (such as women and minorities) may hesitate to apply because of lack of confidence in the importance of their result. If you are such a student - please remember that there is always a chance that others may find your work more exciting than you initially thought. The application process is not very long and it is a great opportunity to showcase your work and talk to other mathematicians about it.
Application Guidelines:
  • The applicant must be a student (BA, MA or PhD) in an Israeli institution (universities or colleges) at the time of application.
  • The application should consist of a single pdf file, organized as follows:
    • The first page should contain the "meta-data", including: title of the paper, name, e-mail address and institution of the author, and name, e-mail address and institution of the advisor.
    • The next pages should contain an extended abstract of length at most two pages.
    • If the work has appeared online, a link to the full work may be included in the first page.
  • Please send the application to Ms. Shlomit Hillel, , with the subject line: Application for the Lightning Talks session -
  • Submission date: By April 5th, 2020.
We will announce the committee's decision on the speakers by May 14th, 2020.