Advanced Topics in Computer Communications Networks

Hanoch Levy ( )
2nd Semester, 1998/99 - Wednesday 12-15
School of Mathematical Sciences,
Tel-Aviv University

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Location: Orenstein 11
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Course syllabus:

This course will cover advanced topics in communications networks. We will focus on issues that are in the frontier of technology today in the design of networks. Our main interest will be Quality of Service (QOS) in ATM and IP networks. If time permits we will also deal with cellular networks/ satellite communications. Speific topics to be discussed are outlined below.

Course outline

  1. Introduction
    Review of basic concepts in communications networks.
    Reading material: Tannenbaum Ch. 1 +2.
  2. ATM :
    Basic concepts and terminology
    Quality of service and classes of service
    Policing and shaping (references)
    Scheduling: Fair Queueing
    Virtual Paths and Virtual Connections
  3. Internet Communications and QOS in the Internet
  4. Call Admission Control
  5. Web Performance: Caching and pre-fetching
  6. Wireless Communications (time permitting)

QOS references

Course requirements:

Class participation, Project (possibly some homework assignments).


Messages to Students:


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