Workshop (Sadna):Peer-to-Peer Internet Systems and their Selfish Use (2009/10)

Prof. Hanoch Levy ( hanoch at cs dot tau dot ac dot il ) 
2nd Semester, 2009/10 - Thursday 10-12, Kaplun 324 . Tirgul 12-3.  
School of Computer Science, 
Tel-Aviv University

This page will be modified during the course.
First meeting: Thursday 25/2/2010 10-12. Tirgul: 12-3 Location: Kaplun 324.

Messages to Students:

Updates of Phase 1 requirements are in web site of teaching assistant.

Course Abstract .
Course Description + General requirements. (FOR UPDATED requirements and schedule -- please see site of teaching-assistant)

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Copies of Slides (to be updated):
Introduction (TBD)
Layered Protocol Structure (2004 slides ).
P2P Basics (TBD).

References :

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