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Field Arithmetic Seminar

Spring 2004, Tel Aviv University

Mondays, 16:00-17:00, Schreiber 209

item: 1.3.2004:
Michael Dettweiler (Heidelberg):
Variation of local systems and parabolic cohomology
item: 8.3.2004:
Wulf-Dieter Geyer (Erlangen):
What is a smooth algebraic curve in $\bbP_2\bbC$
item: 15.3.2004:
Michael D. Fried (Irvine):
Two genus zero problems of John Thompson
item: 22.3.2004:
Claus Diem (Essen):
Non-constant genus 2 curves with pro-Galois covers
item: 29.3.2004:
Claus Diem (Essen):
On Public Key in Cryptography
item: 21.4.2004 (Wednesday!), Melamed Hall, at 17:10
Peter Roquette (Heidelberg):
Some comments on the History of Valuation Theory
(Exceptional date, time, and place!)
item: 3.5.2004:
Aharon Razon (Tel Aviv):
The structure of symmetric tensor powers of a symbol algebra of prime degree
item: 10.5.2004:
David Brink (Copenhagen and Tel Aviv):
On cyclic and pro-cyclic embedding problems over algebraic number fields
item: 17.5.2004:
Lior Bary (Tel Aviv):
Abundance of Hilbertian fields
item: 7.6.2004:
Alexander Gurevich (Ben Gurion):
p-adic period map for the Lubin Tate moduli space
item: 21.6.2004:
Luis Ribes (Carleton, Ottawa):
Profinite Topologies in Abstract Groups