Mathematics Colloquium


Math colloquium meets on Mondays at 12:15
in Schreiber 006, Tel-Aviv University.

Schedule, semester A

31st October 2011: Asaf Shapira (Tel Aviv University), Quasi-random graphs.

7th November 2011: Semyon Alesker (Tel Aviv University), Theory of valuations and integral geometry.

14th November 2011: No colloquium, because of a conference next block.

21st November 2011: Jonathan Breuer (Hebrew University), The Christoffel-Darboux Kernel and Its Applications to Universality and to Level Spacings for Jacobi Matrices.

28th November 2011: Ariel Yadin (Ben Gurion University), Harmonic growth on groups and stationary random graphs.

5th December 2011: Simone Warzel (Technical University in Munich and Princeton University), Resonances and absolutely continuous spectra of random operators on tree graphs.

12th December 2011: Elad Paran (The open university, Israel), A unified approach to the patching of Galois groups .

19th December 2011: Frol Zapolsky (LMU Munich), Quasi-states in classical mechanics and applications.

26th December 2011: Yanir Rubinstein (Stanford University), Kahler-Einstein metrics on algebraic manifolds.

2nd January 2012: Dmitry Kerner (University of Toronto), Local geometry of singular varieties.

9th January 2012: Ori Gurel-Gurevich (UBC, Vancouver, Canada), Simple random walk on general graphs

16th January 2012: Albert Fathi (ENS Lyon, France), Lyapunov Functions: Towards an Aubry-Mather theory for homeomorphisms?

30th January 2012: Yehuda Shalom (Tel Aviv University and UCLA), Some recent developments related to Gromov's polynomial growth theorem

Schedule, semester B

12th March 2012: Andreas Bernig (Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt), Algebraic integral geometry

19th March 2012: Dan Mangoubi (Hebrew University), Sights and Sounds of Eigenfunctions and Harmonic functions

2nd April 2012: Noga Alon (Tel Aviv University), On Graphs, Integers and Communication

16th April 2012: Victor Palamodov (Tel Aviv University), Inverse kinematic problem and rigidity of Riemannian metrics

23rd April 2012: Oleg Lepski (Université de Provence, France), Upper functions for a collection of random variables and adaptive estimation


14th May 2012: Arie Levant (Tel Aviv University), Advanced Mathematical Black-Box Control

28th May 2012: Jonathan Wahl - Lecture moved to the IMU meeting, Bar Ilan, at 11AM.

4th June 2012: Assaf Rinot (University of Toronto, Fields Institute), Strong colorings: the study of the failure of generalized Ramsey theorems

11th June 2012: Paul Biran (ETH, Zurich), Lagrangian Topology: Geometry, Algebra & Bureaucracy

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Organizer: Bo'az Klartag