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SADNA: ATM networks

Lecturer: Yishay Mansourgif
ATM Lab: Gideon Stuppgif and TAl Rozenbergergif

The aim of this SADNA is to make the student familiar with working in a networking environment, in general, and an ATM network environment specifically. The projects were designed under the assumption that you will spent a considerable amount of time getting familiar with the ATM environment.

The structure of the SADNA will be the following: In the beginning there will be lectures given about ATM networks and the ATM programming environment. This lectures would give you the general background, as well as the pointers to where to look for material.

During the semester you will have to work on the projects. There will be hard deadlines for submitions. A specification of the project should be given by April 17, 1996. Stage 1 of each project should be completed by May 15, 1996. The projects should be ready for integration by 25 July, 1996. There will be a period of integration between the projects until 31 Aug., 1996. The project should be handed in by Sept. 1, 1996, and each project will perform a presentation of their work.

Mansour Yishay
Wed Mar 6 15:24:36 GMT+0200 1996