Data Structures (0368.2158)

Messages to Students: The exam on July 25 will be with closed books

1st Semester, 1998/99 -
School of Mathematical Sciences
Tel-Aviv University


Prof. Hanoch Levy (
Dr. Yossi Matias (

Teaching Assistants:

Guy Kindler (
Eran Halperin (

Text books:

Intoduction to Algorithms, by Cormen, Leiserson and Rivest.
Data Structures and Algorithms, by Aho, Hopcroft and Ullman.
The course follows both books. Recommended purchase - first book (to be used by other courses).

Course syllabus:

The course will deal with data strucutres and their use in the design of efficient algorithms.
Subjects: Groth of functions and asymptotic notation; amortized analysis; recurrences: the substitution, master, and iteration methods; elementary strucutres: lists, stacks, queues; trees: ordered trees, binary trees, labeled trees and expression trees; set representation and manipulation; dictionary and hash tables.

Tentative course outline

For a list of actual material covered so far click here

Course material

These are partial set of course notes (PowerPoint presentation in Hebrew).


The final grade will be composed of the following:
Final Exam: 80%, Homework assignments: 10%, Final project: 10%.

Tirgul, homeworks and project

Details will be given in the Tirgul Home Page.

Messages to Students: The exam on July 25 will be with closed books

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