[A] The Concept of Concentration; Concentration Phenomenon

    [32], [33], [41], [42], [43], [49], [51], [55], [57], [61], [65], [75], [79], [86], [128], [132], [135], [139], [148]

Some crucial papers:
 [32]   1971, (but the talk on it was already in 1968 on Voronez winter School) - the start of the method of Concentration.
 [33]   1971, - it was realized here that Concentration is a general concept and not a particular property of the sphere, or its local perturbation; examples of Stiefeld and Grassmanian manifolds.
 [43]   1977, joint with Figiel and Lindenstrauss - far reaching development of the method in the Local Theory; the method was generally accepted after this paper.
 [49]   1980, joint with Amir - the method was extended to cover other metric probability spaces, including product spaces. The start of the concentration method in the Combinatorial setting.
 [51]   1983, joint with Gromov (but it was submitted in 1979 and lost by the journal after it was accepted); - a general setting for the Theory of Concentration; a lot of additional examples; the role of Ricci curvature and of the first non-trivial eigenvalue of the Laplacian.
 [61]   1985, joint with Alon - (first published at 1984 in [55] with a different introduction, emphasizing Concentration Phenomenon and in the Proceedings [62], 1984); first application of them Concentration Phenomenon to Combinatorics and Computer Science (expanders)
 [65]   1986, joint with Schechtman - the first book with the main emphasize on the method of Concentration and its application in the Asymptotic Theory.
 [75]   1987, joint with Gromov - a general setting for exact isoperimetric inequalities on the sphere with different metrics and measures; the "localization" technique is introduced.
 [86]   1988, - The survey on the state of knowledge at 1988 on the concepts of Concentration and Spectrum. Introducing the notion of Concentration for Infinite dim. setting without any measure {the next 10 + years I did not work in this direction}
 [128], [132]   2000, joint with Giannopoulos; introducing different forms of Concentration; (for metric spaces without measure, and for measure spaces without a metric).
    Some related papers and Books:

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