[B] The Concept of Spectrum of functions - Ramsey type statements in
Analysis; the start of Distortion

[19], [24], [28], [30], [31], [32], [34], [36], [37], [51], [69];
[86], [129], [139], [145].

Some crucial papers:
[19] 1968, - the concept of spectrum is formally introduced (there are two forms; finite dimensional and infinite dimensional);
[24] 1969, - the conjecture of Spectrum/Distortion is formally introduced and the idea of "stabilization" of functions on the sphere is discussed.
[31] 1971, - Geometry of Infinite dimensional sphere and different asymptotic modulii are studied with a chapter on Spectrum..
[32] 1971, - the start of the method of Concentration; but the the leading point is the search of spectrum of a good (say, Lipschitz) function..
[34] 1971, - the concept of Spectrum extended to different manifolds and the connection with the Ramsey type facts in Combinatorics became transparent (however, only after the paper by Graham,R.L.; Leeb,K.; Rothschild, B. L., Ramsey's theorem for a class of categories. Advances in Math. 8, 417--433,1972, appeared).
[51] 1983, joint with Gromov; in addition to remarks written in A, more examples of "spectrum type" are presented here. The connection with fixed point property is mentioned in the first time.
[69] 1987, - connection between Concentration, Spectrum and Fixed point theorems is explicitely exibit.
[86] 1988, - a survey on old and new connections and results on Concentration and Spectrum.
Some related papers and Books:

M.Gromov, Filling Riemannian manifolds. J. Differential Geom. 18
(1983), no. 1, 1--147.

V.Pestov, Ramsey-Milman phenomenon, Urysohn metric spaces, and extremely amenable groups. Israel J. Math. 127 (2002), 317--357.

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