[F] Asymptotic Structure and the Geometry of Infinite Dimentional
Banach Spaces

[5], [7], [9], [18], [19], [26], [27], [30], [31], [38], [40], [47],
[93], [104], [105], [106], [115], [129],

Some crucial papers:
[26] 1970, (see also details in [27]); the theory of sequences is developed, which copies R.James theory of bases; as a by-product the only known till recently "positive" fact on the linear structure of infinite dim. subspaces is proved. It is mostly known now as "Johnson- Rosenthal theorem", as in my proof one lemma was wrongly stated, although easily correctable. I was still in Russia that time, and strangely for me, this correction took a lot of effords from my western collegues. My way of correction, distributed privetly later between experts was
straightforward and takes a half of a page. The formulation of this fact was not rediscovered independently, but (it is written) taken from my paper.
[27] 1970
[31] 1971
[47] 1979, joint with Sharir; it actually forsees the asymptotic structural theory of Infinite Dim. Spaces, as it was later developed in the middle of 90-th.
[104] 1993, joint with Tomczak-Jaegermann; the theory of asymptotic spaces and asymptotic structure is developed, and then continued in [105], 1995, jointly with Maurey and Tomczak-Jaegermann.
[106] 1996, this survey presents my view on the breackthrough development of the 90-th in the structural theory of inf. dim. spaces and its connection with understanding of Infinite dim. Geometry developed in the end of 60-th and 70-th.