Phd and Master Students

The following information is only updated until 2004. For updated information click here to link to the Genealogy project page.

Phd Students
From "Russian" period:

Anatolii Kononenko (defended around 1970)

Yurii Tumarkin (defended around 1973)

After arriving to Israel (by time of defends):

Bella Tsirulnikov

Haim Wolfson

Alexander Reznikov   tragically passed away at 2003; he arrived to Israel from Russia around 1990, already formed mathematician with actually ready Ph.D. My influence on him was very small, if at all (just, perhaps to please me, he wrote a couple of papers on isoperimetric inequalities for simplices), but he always wanted to see himself as my student, and was offended when I forgot to mention it. So, with proud, I am adding him to this list.  

Roy Wagner

Sean Dar

Tony Tsolomitis

Alexander Litvak (jointly with E.Gluskin)

Semyon Alesker

Shiri Artstein

Boaz Klartag

Master Students
I don't have any record on my Master students for the "Russian" period (and I had many). In Israel, they are:

Haim Wolfson,

A.Perelson (passed away)

Omri Palmon (joint with E.Gluskin)

Boaz Klartag

Limor Ben-Efraim

Omer Friedland

Alexander Sodin