Yaron Ostrover
"She can't do sums a bit !" the Queens said together, with great emphasis.
"Can you do sums?"  Alice said, turning suddenly to the white Queen, for
she didn't like being found fault with so much. The Queen gasped and shut
her eyes. "I can do Addition," she said, "if you give me time - but I can't do
Subtraction under any circumstances!"

I am a professor at the School of Mathematical Sciences at Tel Aviv University.

During the ’18-20 academic years, I was a von Neumann fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study.

Many years ago, I was a C.L.E Moore instructor in the department of Mathematics at MIT.

I received my Ph.D. from Tel-Aviv University under the supervision of Leonid Polterovich.

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Email: ostrover at tauex dot tau dot ac dot il (If you are not a program then you know what to do....)
Yaron Ostrover
School of Mathematical Sciences
Tel Aviv University
Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv, 69978, ISRAEL